Texas, California, New York, Illinois 

Tel: 214.994.0008 (Text Only)

Email: [email protected]

Sasta is a dynamic network of on-demand servers and bartenders for private events, corporate events, and weddings. Simply place your order 24 hours in advance of your event to guarantee staff availability.


About sásta


At Sasta, we believe happy people make happy events happen!

Sasta was founded by an industry veteran who envisioned a better way to find on-demand work in the hospitality industry. She discovered a staff-first focus is crucial for preparing bartenders and servers to give 110% to each and every host and guest. 

What keeps our people happy?
* Better wages than the industry standard
* Flexible work schedules
* Payments in 24 hours
* Accurate event information
* Text reminders
* Scheduled event updates
* Free training

What makes your events happy?
* Professional, courteous staff
* Prompt arrival
* Proper uniforms
* Event setup and cleanup
* Being a guest at your own event

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